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Online Gambling Is Good For America, The Right Should Fight For Your "Right"
Feb 29th, 2008

As mentioned in other articles written about the To Bet a Man Square Massacre, I am a Ronald Reagan conservative.  Nobody is more dismayed by the Prohibition of the 21st Century than I am.  I painfully acknowledge that the Reagan Revolution has been hijacked by the Big Brother Devolution, which has lead to the basic civil right to place a bet having been infringed upon.

That is unless you want to play bingo in a church hall or bet on the No. 4 horse in the second race. The insurgents in the conservative movement know who butters their bread. John Kyl and Bill Frist may be hypocritical but they are not stupid. Every phony has his price.

What attracted me to the Conservative Movement more than anything else was the foundation of personal responsibility and accountability. The Reagan Revolution saw this across the board whether it was holding convicted criminals accountable, allowing the successful to keep more of their income and by believing the individual and private sector always thrive more without government interference.

Deregulation was commonplace. Most importantly, my brand of conservatism believed in creating new streams of tax revenue. This was in lieu of raising taxes on the rich, defining the wealthy as anyone who makes one dollar more than I do.

In the Baptist Press, Bill Frist wrote a first person account why he knows how to spend your money more responsibly than you do.

The father of the Big Brother movement apparently wants to replace the first letter in his last name with “Ch” because he appoints himself the Savior of you and me.  Conservatism’s bastard child aimlessly scribbled, “People who gamble online are almost twice as likely to become problem gamblers as those who gamble in other places. Problem gambling destroys lives and families.”  

Frist has chosen not to revive Reaganism, but McCarthyism.

Apparently if you want to bet a four-team $20 parlay, you are destroying your family.  Clearly your values are not as family friendly as that of Frist and Thomas Foley. Send perverted messages to minors on a computer and Big Brother wants to cover it up. Bet lunch money on a baseball game and Frist wants to lock you up.

I will be the first to admit, most Americans do not put the utmost priority on their right to gamble, though I’d venture to say the number of enraged is significantly higher than far right wing periphery realizes.

The Big Brother conservatives believe in personal responsibility alright. Your family values are their personal responsibility.

Every opinion poll known to mankind confirms American families believe Frist has failed miserably in leading his party in the Senate. Undeterred, he still believes government needs to be the caretaker of your family. You are too dim-witted to know online gambling is the greatest affront to the American family since that effeminate dinosaur Barney started emasculating our children thanks to tax supported PBS.  

Legalizing and taxing online gambling is the perfect marriage for true conservatives. However the beliefs in personal responsibility and new forms of tax revenue have been sabotaged.

The To Bet a Man Square Massacre may not be the reason that Frist and his cronies have approval ratings that hover around the Duke football team’s winning percentage.  But his attack on your rights under the subterfuge of family values is at the very least symbolic of the crisis he created. Genuine conservatives, those who should be his core supporters, believe that Frist and Kyl are, how can I say this nicely—self righteous idiots whose subversive skullduggery has incapacitated the movement they pretend to represent. 

Ronald Reagan must be turning over in his grave.  I’d bet on it, but Jesus Frist won’t let me.

Joe Duffy, a former Young Republican Executive Board member is now CEO of, which conservatively speaking is the premier source for sports gambling information.

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Joe Duffy is founder of featuring the world’s top sports service selections.
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