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Sports Talk Radio and Sports Handicapping
Sep 10th, 2007

We’ve said before that online sports radio stations can give good insight to the sports gambler.  Who are some of the best hosts and what are the top sports radio shows from a sports betting standpoint?

Norm Hitzges of the Ticket in Dallas is a true sports radio legend.  He’s also unapologetic about his love for the pointspread angle. Switch stations afterwards as “Bad Radio” follows.  Not only does the show title fit, but it describes the rest of the broadcast day.

Philadelphia is the sports gambling capital of the world, especially when it comes to professional sports. The newer of the all-sports stations WPEN Sportsradio 950 has one of the premier true sports talk hosts in the land, Jody McDonald.  Like Hitzges, “Jody Mac” has no compunction about talking pointspread.

His show is opposite sports radio veteran Howard Eskin, a pioneer in newspaper sports handicapping as he was the original Vegas Vic in the Philadelphia Daily News. Eskin is heard on WIP radio.

Unfortunately, 610 WIP is a perfect illustration of the difference between true sports radio that the sports bettors prefer and “guy radio” which appeals to the great unwashed who fill out their Arbitron radio books.  

On one hand, they have the stereotypical “you are an idiot, you are a moron” comic book character host Steve Martorano on five days a week, but hide one of their true sports experts, and admitted sports handicapping junkie Paul Jolvitz, AKA “Jolly” in the middle of weekend nights.  

Unlike radio legend Pete Franklin, who mixed his shtick with substance, Martorano uses his grade-school name calling to waive the intellectual white flag. WIP also has sundry Brandon Lang infomercials further debasing the product.

Former Philadelphian and former XTRA Sports Radio personality Philly Billy Werndl moved to San Diego XX Sports Radio, but unfortunately cannot be heard on Real Audio any longer.

Though sources tell me he is an anti-gambling zealot, he is one of the top NFL experts. Mitch Levy hosts a show on KJR in Seattle.  We’ve gotten decent Pac-10 tidbits from his show that has benefited our sports handicapping.

WFAN radio in New York is the first of all all-sports radio stations and still the king.  While “Mike and the Mad Dog” combination of Mike Francesa and Chris Russo are their best known hosts in the post Don Imus era, it’s Joe Benigno who has the best insight.

WEEI in Boston is solid too and it’s all Patriots all the time on NFL Sundays and Mondays.

Rick Ballou, formally of Sporting News Radio, now at Jacksonville, Florida’s 1010XL is one of the top college football experts in the land, especially with SEC and Florida based teams.

Ballou’s former employer has opted to sell infomercial time to Mr. Duke Wins Larry Dukeheart and Jonathan Stone.

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