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NFL Picks and Football Spreads: Every Pick Needed For Week 16
Dec 27th, 2009

It’s week 16 NFL odds picks and here is the sports service breakdown of who is hot and who has the big plays. We start out with a true pioneer in sports betting, Stevie Vincent. He is the founder of forensic sports handicapping.

The world is unloading on the Great One Stevie Vincent’s picks. In the final week of the year, it’s the biggest play of the year. It’s the Pro Football Game of the Century among two Level 5 pro football game sides. Also get a Level 4 over/under and the Kentucky/Clemson over/under. He is exclusively on

Now to the sweeper and the winningest sports bet service anywhere, GodsTips. Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy and internet sensation Mike Godsey lead the Dream Team. Here we go! The top handicapper in the world is 5-1 in the last six football. Another, yes another winning bowl season moves along thanks to a sweep of the board yesterday.

Everyone won with Marshall as a Wise Guy and most won with Pittsburgh. Oh then USC puts on the exclamation point. Either way, it’s a fantastic Sunday from Center of the Handicapping Universe. Get two NFL Wise Guy sides and two Majors including a moneyline upset. Oh and get the side for Kentucky-Clemson. All this from GodsTips is just $17.

Because the MasterLockLine monitors each and every one of the nation’s top sports service, handicappers, tip sheets and syndicates, you will get every Game of the Year play worth betting. Every last one in the industry is yours. That’s why you get more legitimate service Games of the Year on the MasterLockLine than anyone else.

Here is today’s menu of power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine.

Biggest Play

No. 1 NFL service this year hit their 2009 NFL Game of the Year (when they were No. 3) on Nov. 8 on Carolina covering against New Orleans. You know it’s legit because you got it right here. Nearly two months later it’s the NFL Parlay of the Year Buffalo/Atlanta, Detroit/San Francisco

Hottest Handicapper

Service out of Las Vegas has moved up to No. 8 in football this season, college and pro combined thanks to easily being No. 1 in December. UNC under and Marshall makes them 12-1 the last 13. NFL Play of the Season Houston/Miami

The top money won handicapper in the 21st century is a handicapper out of Philadelphia who rates his plays 5, 7.5 and 10 stars. He is especially rewarding in professional sports, where his NFL and NBA combined units won is No. 1 all-time. 10* Jacksonville/New England, a rare case of just one

A newer service out of San Diego has recently qualified and become just one of two sports betting services ranked in the Top 10 in each and every sport: MLB, NCAAF, NCAAB, NFL, NBA, and overall. (Minimum 1,000 bets each sport and 5,000 overall). Their top play is a 1000-star Perfect Storm. Sunday Night Perfect Storm Play of the Year Dallas/Washington

The Duke, Jonathan Mardukas built up a large scorephone following over the last dozen or so years. With a database that goes back to 1980 the MasterLockLine say he is the top ranked college and pro football handicapper EVER. He is 10-0 all-time with bowl Million Star plays. Just this 11th Million Star in 15 years on Kentucky/Clemson side

An attorney/law professor/pro bettor turned pro bettor/professional handicapper out of Tri Cities, TN is best known for being the greatest SEC handicapper of all-time. However, he is also the top NFLX totals handicapper, based on all-time units won. Supreme Selections are his highest rated plays. Kentucky/Clemson over/under

Now to Matt Rivers. In the days before the Internet, any and all handicappers worth their weight in winnings were on scorephones. There was a burden of proof to appear before the World Wide Web allowed anyone with a computer to present herself as a betting expert.

Simply put, every tout, tip sheet, and sports handicapper applied, but only the best of the best made the cut—less than one-percent of all sports services. pulled out all the stops to assure the top two scorephone handicappers ever, based on money won, would be part of The Show for sports handicapping. Joe Duffy, America’s only living Grandmaster Handicapper and Matt Rivers are true handicapping legends and their personal bets are exclusively on

300,000* winner on the Chargers outright on Friday and now my 1st 300,000* bowl winner is here on Kentucky vs. Clemson. My NFL Game of the Year was on the Chargers over the Titans and this game is every bit as strong. Click now to purchase any of the above picks.

UNIVERSAL PASS: Get total access to the “Bet It Trinity”: Stevie Vincent’s BetonSports360, the MasterLockLine, and Joe Duffy’s GodsTips for just $64 per pick and even less for long-term pick packs.

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The Great One owns BetOnSports360 and he is the founder of the revolutionary "forensic sports handicapping".
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