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What Makes Us No. 1?

So why do the handicappers here win more than anyone and anywhere else? It is a great question, but a simple answer.

Our business model at is to compile the winningest services and letting the product take care of itself.

You will not find a better sports service. Other websites may spend more money advertising and certainly others make better promises.

These are practices other sites subscribe to, but we won't. We can't because it's outside our business model.

With most of the heavily marketed portals, notice how on a large card, each of their handicappers is advertising a different game. Many of the higher traffic sites meet and assign who will have a big play on which game as to never conflict, compete or overlap.

That will never be done at It goes against everything I stand for as a professional gambler and handicapper.

Flat out, most handicappers are business people first (and too often bad ones), we are handicappers and gamblers first and foremost.

When I was GM at Freescoreboard, we looked into doing a cable television show. But we had to have the broadcast done by Wednesday afternoon, hence which picks to promote, long before quality late information came in.

This fact alone made me completely eliminate any thoughts of doing a cable TV show because it meant sacrificing the product. This is not an option.

I looked into buying time on the major sports sites video infomercial. Again, the broadcasts had to be approved and submitted 72 hours before they aired. Let others sacrifice the product in the name of marketing. We won't.

Before that I worked for the free scorephones. When we had ads running in the USA Today and many local newspapers all over the country, we were ordered to have our plays up by the night before because we had big advertising hitting people's driveways in the morning.

As somebody who has been an employee then GM, then CEO of major sports handicapping websites and entities in the pre-Internet days, I assure you NOBODY retains clients better than we do.

But I can say with 100 percent certainty, it's because business model is get the best handicappers and build it from there.

I have been a full-time handicapper since the 1980s. I was on the scorephones long, long, long before the Internet.

Almost every human being who sold picks for a living contacted the scorephone to sell their plays. A very small number of handicapper were good enough to be part of the scorephone, which was king at the time.

I was on that short list.

After about eight years this scorephone was bought out by a notorious but wealthy boiler room tout who assured us to make money it's not about the product but hyping it.

Every game must be sold as if it's the biggest game of your life, we were ordered. Sell your soul to the devil.

I left and took the best scorephone handicappers with me.

MVP Sportsbook used to build handicapping sites as part of a marketing plan to dominate search engines. Handicappers would keep 100 percent of revenue, MVP just wanted exclusivity to advertise their sportsbook.

Established handicappers didn't have to sacrifice anything. They simply had another source to market their wares.

It also served as almost an American Idol for upstart cappers who had talent, but not marketing savvy.

As General Manager of the first toll-free scorephone and major website network, I worked out an arrangement where I had access to every pick, every record, every analysis of about 500 handicappers in the program.

I used it to scout handicappers to recruit. Well-established and upstart handicappers alike abound in this program.

I see one guy always bragging how he fired Brando this and Harry that because they were not performing. We thoroughly vet our handicappers before we ask for your hard earned money.

They fire because they hire handicappers we'd never consider.

In short, I know this industry inside and out.

If you are looking for a service that produces better results, I assure you that you will be looking forever.

We will always be winning for you. We hope you are part of it.


Joe Duffy

CEO of

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