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The menu is locked and loaded for Saturday, December 5, 2020

**Biggest Play**

Service is 14-2 this season with Games/Totals/Parlays of the Week/Month/Year bets in NFL and college combined with GOY and TOYs in in college football. College Football Two-Team Parlay of the Year

**Hottest Handicapper**

MasterLockLine Exclusive: Staff Purchase Plays go back to the scorephone. We purchase a major sports service pick and are able to release to the public at a fraction of the cost. Service that advertises on 200-plus radio stations (including all sports networks) has their Stone Cold Lock. Three-day advertising blitz have their Stone Cold Lock of the Year winner seven in a row one Clemson vs. Virginia Tech. They are charging $149 for this pick. You get it for pennies.

Thanks to 22-4 run, Sports service out of the Midwest has regained the spot as the No. 1 college football service, always regaining the spot with consistent winners. Known for Executive Plays. Three sides, two totals are Exec Plays

Pan-Asian Syndicate, best known as the greatest source in all sports for totals. Four totals, one agrees with Exec play

Free: Retired full-time handicapper Bill Tanner is now a Managing Partner with the MasterLockLine. The best basketball betting expert since being proprietor of the super popular 900-976-LOCK number, his picks are now exclusive to MLL. We release his equivalent of Platinum Play. He is one of the famed Big 3 NBA sources for picks. Rutgers

We rate handicappers by each sport, combined college and pro (example NFL, college, and NFL/college football combined), overall and also by varying periods (this season, last five years). Hence there will be more than for example 10 services considered Top 10. Parlay picks are counted as individual plays for accurate comparison. For totals, it is to bet the game total, not individual team total. Example: If Chicago is playing New York, Chicago UNDER means to bet Chicago-New York UNDER


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