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Lesser Knowns Tips and Tricks to Get Online Casino Bonuses
Jan 15th, 2019

Are you planning to take a plunge into the online casino space and think it is effervescent in comparison to the traditional flamboyant brick and mortar casinos? Then you should think again.  Online casinos are picking up like file fire for a decade now. The precision of their artificial intelligence algorithms is comparable to that ofthe best-known casinos in the world. The cherry on top is the choices and various mouth-watering bonuses offered online to encourage new players to sign up. 

It may sound too good to be true. It is true! This is possible because they can afford to offer attractive bonuses owing to the cost savings, by eliminating investment on heavy brick and mortar constructions and ornamentation. For instance, check out a quick summary of new casinos and just soak in the reality. Today, there are several types of casino bonuses available online to choose from. These are designed to help players indulge in various casino wagers depending on their skill, budget, patronage, mode of payment and risk temperament. 

Some of the juiciest bonuses offered by online casinos today help you stay profitable. Check them out.

Matching Deposit To A Bonus

Bonus amount is matched to the amount deposited by the player. This amount is capped to a ‘maximum limit’. For example, if the ‘maximum limit bonus’ is fixed at $500, and a player wishes to sign up and deposit $400 to start, 100% of the value is matched. Which means he will receive $400 as a bonus. Now he can play to a limit of $800. However, if he wishes to deposit $800 he will receive the restricted maximum limit amount of $500 as a bonus and he will now be able to play with $1300 from his account. 

Fixed Sum Bonus

Lower limit or budget conscious players will get a fixed sum as a bonus. The amount is set irrespective of the high value. However, there is a low limit set. For example, if the fixed limit is set to $100, the ‘low limit’ may be set to $80. So, anyone depositing $80 and beyond will receive $100 as a bonus. This means anyone depositing below $80 is not eligible for this bonus. On the flip side,anyone depositing a lump sum of $1000 will also receive a bonus of $100. This method is not lucrative for people playing with high stakes.

No Bonus Deposit With No Strings Attached

This type of bonus is low-risk, and handed out to casual risk-averse players. The amount will be a small sum for sign up which can be retrieved after a few play shots. This value cannot be cashed. It is given in points to encourage the player to warm up. For example: The point value of the no deposit bonus is set to 20 points, $1 per point.  A new player who would like to try before depositing a big sum can sign up for for the ‘no deposit’bonus. He will be eligible to play with his conservative bidding along with the value set in the points awarded ($20 in this scenario). 

Special loyalty bonus for frequent visitors

Once it’s established that you are a frequent visitor, you get bonus points every time you log in to wager. This value is calculated as a percentage on the basis of your: [frequency X wager amount lost or gained]. The stakes are usually high and the bonus offered is higher in value in order to keep the VIP happy and visiting. Some online casinos offer fixed monthly or reload bonuses for their frequent VIP customers. 
Referral Bonus - Several casinos offer a bonus for referrals. You earn bonus points for every sign up through your referral. A neat way to add value to your bankroll.

Payment Method Bonus

Some casinos hand out an extra 10-15% to your bonus for choosing the prescribed preferred method of payment. Example: 10% bonus of your deposit value is matched over and above the bonus offered for choosing a particular bank. Very attractive! Great way to add a little extra to your bankroll. 

There’s a Caveat

One may think that it is easy to sign up and take the bonus points home without wagering. Casinos have been around for centuries and have metamorphosed to be resilient to any kind of withdrawal without wagers. Bonuses can be taken home only after a certain number of wagers or prescribed minimum cash amount played with. These wagering requirements are based on an AI algorithm which calculates the number of wagers required to cover the handed-out bonus plus a small percentage as an operating cost. It is also restricted with an expired date. 

Do The Freebies Come At The Cost of Security?

Unlike today, a decade ago the tools for security and transparency were not well developed and in place. It was easy for anyone to have players sign up for a bonus and disappear without a trace. This is not viable today. With the competition and need for consumer protection from various online casinos popping up; monitoring transactions, background checks, and transparency have become paramount. So, enjoy your bonuses.

Parting Thoughts

It is always wise to read the fine print before signing up to ensure you don’t land up in a situation where your money is converted to points that cannot be taken home. In short, you must not fall into a ‘Hamster’s Wheel’ where you have to keep gambling and cannot enjoy your wins. If the terms are unclear it is a good idea to talk to their customer support engineer for clarifications before you sign up. 

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The Great One owns BetOnSports360 and he is the founder of the revolutionary "forensic sports handicapping".
Posted Jun 1st, 2020 by

you've hit major points in here. 1. no deposit bonus has always something coming at you after. sometimes, it's in the payment method that will end up, you not getting paid and will have to continue playing. and i think, personally it's best to first and foremost find online casinos that are secure and transparent. been playing online, lately in but whatever casino site that is, i research and look for reviews.

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